PCSD Service Status

Critical Services

Canvas (as of 9/14/17 11:33 am)

Enrollments via sync are still troublesome. Please ticket anything out of the ordinary.

CanyonCreek Software (as of 8/17/18 3:16 pm)

Caredox (as of 8/15/18 7:14 am)

New student data for 18-19 has been loaded

Clever (as of 8/17/18 3:16 pm)

New student data has been loaded

Dibels (as of 8/17/18 3:17 pm)

UTREX sends have started, but are not nightly yet. Many students still have data errors and won't be included yet.

Galileo (as of 8/17/18 3:17 pm)

New student data has been loaded

Google Apps for Education (as of 8/21/17 10:55 am)

Helpdesk (as of 9/29/15 10:05 am)

HMH Math & Biology (as of 8/15/18 7:09 am)

Student data has been sent

Internet Connection (as of 10/19/16 1:49 pm)

iReady (as of 8/15/18 7:10 am)

Data load in progress

IXL Math (as of 9/14/17 11:31 am)

Munis (as of 3/23/17 11:08 am)

MyMath (as of 8/17/18 3:15 pm)

New students are loaded

Naviance (as of 8/15/18 9:23 am)

PCS Lunch System (as of 8/15/18 7:14 am)

Data for 18-19 has been loaded

PowerRTI/504/IEP (as of 8/15/18 7:11 am)

Student data has been uploaded

PowerSchool (as of 8/15/18 9:27 am)

Parent/Student access currently disabled. Their access is tentatively scheduled to be opened on Monday, 8/20

Reading Inventory (as of 9/14/17 11:32 am)

SchoolMessenger (as of 8/15/18 7:08 am)

Users should be loading now, attendance calls are not started yet. -Drew

Sub System (as of 2/2/16 7:55 am)

Transfinder (as of 8/15/18 7:14 am)

Student data for 18-19 has been loaded

UtahCompose (as of 8/24/17 1:33 pm)

UTREx Collections (as of 8/15/18 7:15 am)

UTREX collections for 18-19 have not been started yet

Web Server (as of 3/6/15 2:43 pm)

Wireless Network (as of 1/14/16 2:11 pm)

Google Apps Status

To check status of Google apps: www.google.com/appsstatus

HMH Math/ThinkCentral Status

To check status of HMH Math/ThinkCentral: HMH Status Updates

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