PCSD Service Status

Critical Services

Canvas (as of 9/14/18 10:47 am)

Enrollments and Grade Passback should all be working now. Passback is newly working, so there may still be some lingering issues.

CanyonCreek Software (as of 9/14/18 10:45 am)

Courses and students have been loaded for 18-19SY

Caredox (as of 8/15/18 7:14 am)

New student data for 18-19 has been loaded

Clever (as of 8/17/18 3:16 pm)

New student data has been loaded

Dibels (as of 9/14/18 10:45 am)

Galileo (as of 8/21/18 11:52 am)

Passwords are all now set to the new format.

Google Apps for Education (as of 8/21/17 10:55 am)

Helpdesk (as of 9/29/15 10:05 am)

HMH Math & Biology (as of 8/15/18 7:09 am)

Student data has been sent

Internet Connection (as of 10/19/16 1:49 pm)

iReady (as of 8/15/18 7:10 am)

Data load in progress

IXL Math (as of 9/14/17 11:31 am)

Munis (as of 3/23/17 11:08 am)

MyMath (as of 8/21/18 12:00 pm)

New students are loaded. Passwords are a mixed bag -- new students use 12345pcsd, old ones may still have 12345.

Currently there is no bulk update for passwords, so if you want to change them it'll have to be done student by student.

Naviance (as of 8/15/18 9:23 am)

PCS Lunch System (as of 8/15/18 7:14 am)

Data for 18-19 has been loaded

PowerRTI/504/IEP (as of 8/15/18 7:11 am)

Student data has been uploaded

PowerSchool (as of 8/15/18 9:27 am)

Parent/Student access currently disabled. Their access is tentatively scheduled to be opened on Monday, 8/20

Reading Inventory (as of 9/14/17 11:32 am)

SchoolMessenger (as of 8/15/18 7:08 am)

Users should be loading now, attendance calls are not started yet. -Drew

Sub System (as of 2/2/16 7:55 am)

Transfinder (as of 8/15/18 7:14 am)

Student data for 18-19 has been loaded

UtahCompose (as of 9/14/18 10:47 am)

UTREx Collections (as of 9/14/18 10:46 am)

Web Server (as of 3/6/15 2:43 pm)

Wireless Network (as of 1/14/16 2:11 pm)

Google Apps Status

To check status of Google apps: www.google.com/appsstatus

HMH Math/ThinkCentral Status

To check status of HMH Math/ThinkCentral: HMH Status Updates